Our team in placed is consists of representatives verse in Tagalog, English, Burmese, Laos and Thai Languages.


We also provide advice on visa and work permit for you. Our system will recognize the preferred employer that matches your preference and will be sending you a list of prospect employers to select from until you decided to take the job.


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About Connect


I'm a mother with 2 kids and we have 2 nannies from Philippines.

We are very happy to see their English language development especially in the first 3 months and improving steadily. At the age of 1 they are able to understand and communicate simple English. Apart from English language, Filipino nannies are also good with entertainment like singing and dancing which are great for my children. The nannies graduated bachelor degree with good manners and knows how to blend in socially. They have good sense and can take care of themselves in new environment for example when we travel abroad.

When my friends knows about this they have been asking me to find a few more nannies for them as well.  As time goes by, my kids has developed good IQ and EQ that is why I would like to share this with other families. The need for Filipinos are not only for nannies but also for house maid, teacher, and elderly care taker. Meaning we do have a lot of demands for Thai and foreigner looking for Filipino as the helper.

Contact us now if you want to become part of our family or recommend this to your friends who is looking for job opportunities in Thailand.

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